The forest of Arabituks.  » Dimike the Grimill boy « 

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The forest of Arabitruks

the young Dimike left is village of Vigrimalk 8 hours ago approximately. He was stopped on the way to relax a little, eat soft cheese, fresh fruit and some nuts of Grimile, and, of course, drink water. Leaving the hills of Gorfoux, provisions on the back, a soft leather bag, and two fresh water gourds slung.

Dimik, crossing the small Azarrek stream,at the same time, he cleared one of its empty gourds and the filled with cold water in a hollow of the Creek, flowing lace, in the direction of the forest. Then, it continue to the edge of the vast ticket, or we could, in the distance, clearly admire of great oak trees with thick foliage. Very high trees, with the extremely broad party, offering has its base, well-lit, well-ventilated undergrowth. The undergrowth is rich in nature, with a soft green carpet, peel of lime colour, without any dead wood. Even the base of trees. Further down along the edge of the forest, came out people with fair skin Brown, one the back, a stretcher wooden « L »-shaped, filled with a load of wood, rising up above the head. These people walked with force and without saying a Word, at most a few words to laugh at children who accompanied them.

The boys also carried their bundle of wood with also a kind of strap passed above the head, attached to the stretcher, the wider central part of the belt positioned on top of the head front. This method helps to sustain very heavy loads and travel long distances. All the days the men of fairly distant villages, as well as women and children, leave harvest timber in the woods of the great forest, back to the house. Also edible products such as mushrooms, wild berries,medicinal herbs, condiments and wild grass . It is first the wood that they take to maintain the fire of the hearth of their kitchen. They can walk for hours to pick up wood and bring it back to the village. Sometimes two or three persons choose to cut down a tree. The shaft must be dead, sick or very damaged. It takes time to cut large branches with machete and split the trunk in two pieces. Sometimes they carry a single heavy log and it takes great resistance to transport it on long distance. The time for them has no importance. Go to the village with heavy burden does not change their moods. This time their fact skipped the chore. The cheerfulness, kindness are always present. Their offer of aid is not a good idea. Pity is not in their way of thinking.

The young Dimik entered the forest, face damp in the softness of the wind. He walked head high, step on, lightweight, breathable delicate scents floating in the air. You could feel smells of fungus, lichens and small sweet fruits. Small flowers in unique colors also offered their fragrance delicate and totally unknown to the other lands.

Soon appeared a trace, a kind of stroke by humans or beasts. It is a pale brown abstract path without well typed stone, ranging to the remotest regions of the forest. A path traced by coil under a small clear mist. A thick layer of silver white vapour was hiding the track. Vapors coat which was there covering the trail fractal soon, went in motion and swooped in space.

Dimik focused attention to everything around him. He wish to see a few spirits hidden behind a stone, a tree or a fungus and have a conversation with them. Nothing escaped him the beauty of nature and its most secret things.

This forest of Arabitruz was known to the area of Gara-Dine. It was also known that here,more then anywer, that also this immense forest inhabited by good weren’t spirits. Energy and telluric forces of this region revealed a great intensity and favoured the proliferation of supernatural spirits,such as Elves, Gnomes and the Devas. This is not new this truth about the spirits of nature. In this well forest other spirits find refuge. There was also from the four key elements that is water, the air, the fire and the soil. Crystals, the metal and wood are also revealed mild and cheerful spirits. the novelty was the clouds of Sphere-spirit. Here they the appointed the Orbitals. It seems that they appear at dawn, when the Sun points and at dawn when it disappears, but it said that it also appear in the court of the houses in the villages and even in the rooms of children especially in the morning very early. They may appear by hundreds and even thousand.

It was also known that human who ventured there for one or two weeks at least, had a greater receptivity in this forest, and could connect with these beautiful spirits and even interact with them. If they were the least bit sensitive with an open heart, they could even called them and the possibilities was great that they can receive a word, phrase or a real contact communicating,only by thought. This forest is an adventure in itself.


Dimik was an young man of about twenty five years old, of the tribe of the Vartarikx. The mens of this community had the characteristics to be little , thin, and smooth. Dimik had emerald green eyes a golden iris, and blond hair with highlights green. Small blond eyebrows in a face seemingly always cheerful with a humble continuous smile. A running face and brown-clear without folds or ride. Pink Lips, an aquiline nose and a small Chin a little pointed but rounded. « Men measured all more than five cubits high in this community. »The measures of this Kingdom are, the cubit, the span or the acre, the finger, the sole, the sommières and rope. These last two measures are only agrarian and infrequent use. The number of cubits that compose varies from 8 to 24, according to the villages. Despite the difference in the size of males, the length of a cubit varies little between 45 and 47 centimeters. »

The young Dimik wore trousers made of fiber of asclepias, silky and very water resistant textile. Light brown trousers, tight on the body including the bottom, turn double wide rim, taped to the ankles, with a well-crafted Green Ribbon along the seam and simply attached. The top of the pants had as a flap square at the front and the back with each two large buttons, attached a strap, made of wood carved, round and varnished with beeswax, then lacquered pine resin. Cording or past the wide belt of a finger, a good square belt made of hardwood, surrounded by hazelnut kernels dried, dyed color beet. Dug into the waist belt, a symbol shaped spiral triple, color green lime with in its centre a small stone of moon of a white Milky, placed cabochon and arched a tiny golden lace with a root of Hazel painted. Everything was sealed with beeswax and lacquered to a kind of lacquer made of pine resin boiled with other pulled Hazel bark residue and a rubbery SAP extract of a tree very former, Astrakhan.A green shirt with a collar in long point stitched cross stitch blue and dark red. A Brown plum lace bind V front opening chest. Sleeves laced to the wrists of a Ribbon color of blue plum with two logs dyed red and indigo blue at the ends. A tank top Burgundy with two small pockets of dark green colour, on each side. The outline was embroidered with Gold Ribbon. Shoes Cook kid with a sole made of linen woven and wrapped and sewn rope has the shape of the foot in hidden wire. All the inhabitants of the community of Vartarikx is this kind of shoe but with different model. There’s even an artisanal factory that produced during six moons per year. The tip of the shoe finished curved pointed. The upper made of cooked green inside the Arch of the foot and Brown on the outside. A red and green lace woven threaded into the four holes, finished in double loop with four small logs painted dark orange and lime green. And finally a Brown and green tile linen stockings.

Chapter IV

Adranex the sage,

let me introduce myself; I am Adranex the great green owls. It’s me who has decide to tell you this story then that had to, one day, telling it that the world then learn the truth about this unknown world. It is up to me to tell while I know the background of this hidden world inside of the Earth whose gateway is among other in central Ankur, in the Highlands of the environments, near the large extinct volcano which we call affectionately, Agarnax-Agha. A bit is the custodian of this land unknown and enchanting. Good distance West, there are three huge stones of one hundred thousand ton each, seemingly come to have don’t know or dropped there, aligned, hundred a bent one another and everything covered in Grove and Bush. People who, coming from very far to go to the great ocean of Asmaraty, seeing these mountains of rock at the edge of the main road, are amazed by this strange appearance. This became a sacred place for one and a place to visit for travelers looking for the most unique and secret places here.

Me Adranex, I am the custodian of this tribute of Vartaryx from six hundred years. I’m like a Phoenix who has all six full moon, become completely invisible, disappearing like a poof of smoke, and, another Second, I find my appearance, totally regenerated as on the first day, in beauty of a green Emerald and bright lime color, gradient of pale brown around the eyes, which are colored gold. My mind essence just a grouping of stars named La Cross. Each of the twelve regions of the Kingdom to a guardian spirit appearing in the form of a bird of paradise, or stars if you want. More specifically the Cygnus constellation.

Chapter V.

….Back to my story. Toward the center of this large and beautiful forest, there is a small Prairie, with a narrow ten acres of long Lake and five in its widest. The Lake is situated in the Southeast to one hundred cubits of the great ELMS, more massive trees of Prairie. The water of the Lake is as clear as the turquoise water of the beautiful lakes of the countries in the West of the continent. This is due to the limestone which is all over this land of the West, and with the time of pink and yellow limestone aggregates are dissolved and slipped to the bottom of Lakes.

Here, near giant trees, this expanded water is by deep place of thousand loads. These banks are made of limestone sand and Pink mother-of-Pearl reduced. He y’ has a small pier built on big stakes of wood planted in the sand in shallow water on the shore. The dock is made of beautiful solid boards tinted Brown saddled with beeswax. A large rope braided linen will connect the pontoons raised between them, Hook to the pontoon at the end of the wharf, four round buoys of color green and white, made of Cork and pine wood. This really gives a look of real dock. There’s a kind of canoe of golden yellow color made large junk and braided grass. This boat is use to make the crossing to the island of Olyphante half a place. An island in the shape of Crescent Moon, surrounded by Sandy of pale pink and golden. It is there that life Daryal, a wise old hermit. The centre of the island is a small forest of ELMS and ash trees whose foliage is dark blue with emerald green glints. The trunks are beet red fine violet. At the centre of the forest there is a small thinning named Phangus-Tran, she hides a fountain at the foot of a tree named Astruf. It takes six men in to the trunk tour a cuff. And the bark is so old that it looks more to stone. The place is named, « the fountain of Aglae », the name of an Elf who lived near the place for more than a thousand years of our time.

Fountain takes it source in the hollow of a rock, named, rock of Gaelatum. It measures nearly six cubits high and four wide, split crosswise in the Middle, and then a hole big as a fist of man leaves water of purity… almost invisible. Coming out of the cavity a empty dry bamboo three hose must circumference, cut bevel to help the flow of pure water. The liquid flows gently has strong regular flow, falling on a black stone with a circular hollow in the Center. This stone, heavy as a man, half-moon shaped, rests on the bed of Pebble white and pink, suggesting a small stream which flows down the slope.

The great rock of Gaelatum is,from the rear, half buried.The top is lined with yellow color grass, covered with small black flowers and a few blue mushrooms and wheat. The water is so clear that the consistency is almost unreal, with flashes of pink gold. That is, what we say, the pure water of the region. On the little slope, at the top of the stone, there is a red beet basalt stone surrounded by blue mushroom. It was carved in the gross form of two flames which winds spiral one in the other towards the sky and ending in two rounded hooks. A yellow gold from bottom line top made with a long dried nettle root separates the two flames. This sculpture measures at least two angled wide by 5 high. What impression of magic and power than this secret place!

Chapter VI

the townland of Vapartan and the village of Vigrimalk.

The village of Vigrimalk is one hundred mile,South of the river Prongue-Val. When we approach the village from the North, we can see off a narrow meadow surrounded by half-moon by a thousand cubits high cliff. When, in the distance, we distinguish buildings, surprise are similar homes to castles back great Galleon Spanish or privateer, fixed at correct height in the cliff; as if the rest of the big boat was pressed inside of the cliff.

These are former big ancient boats there are over two hundred years, used by foreign legations arrive by river Prongue-Val. This River enters more than a thousand places within the region passing between volcanoes, high mountains, the Valley, and then through the green meadows of the country of the Middle finally. The owners of large yachts that it ventured up to the limits of this country wanted to open commercial counters, intending to do trading with the local communities. But without much success. Then, one day, about one hundred years ago, a huge Typhoon swooped on the continent and the water of the river Prongue-Val this set to climb and climb. That day, three large sailboats was inked in the harbour in a small Bay near the land of the South. There was no first on this windy day. This storm that day durra was so strong that the water level rose quickly with the powerful North wind. This was the flood up to one hundred places and more has the inside of the lowlands of the Gonhan. This water destroyed everything in its path, carrying tons of debris over a long distance. Also the great Galleons was washed away, tossed in every direction, the large mast shattered, tearing all the wing swept away by the strong wind. Rigging in distress without rudder and not one man on board.The waters that arrived to the village of Vagrimalk destroyed everything in its path. Houses, commerces, fields, barns, everything. The majority of the population who was warned in time was already evacuated on the heights of the high cliff of Cape Antranail, contemplating the disaster, helpless before the fury of the storm. Also the Galleons them was thrusted up to this hit pell-mell against the wall of yellow limestone of this high cliff opposite the sunken village.

After a week the waters receded. He had more no building, everything had been destroyed and washed away except the three galleons. They were too heavy, stranded there, at the foot of the cliff, lying on their side as at the bottom of a Lake drained, interlaced by ropes pele – meddling.

At this time the inhabitants began to came down from the cliff, mourning the loss of all their possessions. He had to start from scratch.The grand Chief of the village got the idea of this use of the Galleons as places or this refuge. The Galleons were straightened, supported by pieces of the broken mast. He made these three boats their refuge or remains for the coming months for a large part of villagers. Is that came the idea of this use of these boats used in the back part, and it mounted and attach to the cliff high enough for this protect any other disaster of its kind. They used all that there was good in his stranded vessels. Pulleys, rope, hoists but especially any foodstuffs of all kinds stored in the holds dry was not damaged. Furniture, bed, bedding, cutlery, the battery of kitchen glassware lingerie everything was preserved. Water, ice, wine, plant, flower, fruit, vegetables. They had so many things that the people of the village was dismayed both to the loss of all their good and voila that fate had just their give an incredible abundance at the foot of the cliff side which had saved them from disaster.

Person has never come claim the Galleons or merchandise. For the construction of new building they demolished a party of one of the boats plank by plank from the front he built a small warehouse for y stoker wood and any other matter relevant to the construction. A second warehouse was built for y stoker all product, commodity, and cereal .There was even 6 horses in one of the holds, with all the equipment. These beautiful horses were scared and tired of this storm but they was breast and save and recover very quickly with the care of some people who loved animals.They therefore began by deconstructing a first sailboat, then two and the third. With the year this was a village built in the shape of Castle of Galleon in the cliff. Having deconstructed them, they learned how they was done and was able to reconstruct such castles to the first. Bridges had been built to move from one dwelling to another. The fourth building was named, the holiday house. It was made from the front of one of the largest vessels. The nose of this construction went along to more than a hundred elbow and was the highest building of the cliff more than fifty cubits high. Building bridge serving terrace decorated trees in pots, plants and wild climbing vines. Large bin filled with herbs near the kitchen. Tables, chairs and sun loungers, benches to caulked folder, canvases stretched at the top to protect day of bright sunshine or rain. The prairie used for the cultivation of the vine, the sunflower, Yam, Kamut, sorghum. Other party Sani a rearing of goats, rabbits and chickens and horses. There had a the main crossroads, the shops of local product or product from distant, and there, side walk public fruit and vegetable and then the hostel who both offered a cottage to the passersby with good food in the kitchen on the first floor. In this village there is only wine as alcoholic beverage. May be some former offer some times but wild fruit liqueur that is all. Today this village is the most original of the region. There has never been another disaster with.


The young Dimik had crossed half of the forest when the Sun is put down on the horizon. Arrived on the shores of the Lake he decided to stop and respond to his bivouac for the night. He filed so his bag and these gourds and immediately went to look for dry to quickly prepare a fire wood and branches. He picked up enough wood to keep the fire a good time. He selected a suitable place for fire. He placed good average stone circle, removed the sand in the Center and began to climb the fire. A coup mounted he added two very dry grass handles below pieces of branch, he rubbed a match and in a moment the fire is lit and devin quickly a Brazier, a high flame. Comforting heat or Damik sat on the end of his bag leaning has a large tree trunk. It it relaxes by watching the flames dance, the day was leaving the sky to leave room for the royal blue night. Dimik listened to the crackling of the fire, by eating a good fruit and even some Grimil nuts. The smile on the lips he was happy with him even happy with long pleasant day. He will sleep peacefully without worry or fear in this millennial forest.


the refuge on the island Daryal the younger, son of Daryal former, this focus to write at his work table while taking tea with sweet herbs, with a wild Kamut cake filled with grimil nuts and brownberrys.

The work table is made of red cedar wood. It is cut into half-sphere sliced a single piece, placed on timber Brown-Earth in reverse has two Trestles, fitted and glued to the deck. A Chair has seat swivel, black wood, and the folder and arms yellow bamboo. The bottom of the seat is braided with a cord of pine saddled Brown . Robber resin suffused unbleached linen. Both legs it ends, foot of goat-shaped underside inlaid with a red wooden ball. Daryal young written on a parchment sheet, of a size of 12 inch by twenty. A tough paper. There are also other lesser quality paper for drafts. Replay will be made by the reviewer and and retranscribed on precious paper by the Scripting Guys. At the end all the sheets transcribed will be connect with finesse. Coverage will be added, expertly crafted and gilding metal inlay, with the title of « memorial millesima », with the name of Doryal the younger. If you can tell the age of Doryal the younger and his father Doryal the former, it would give more than two thousand years at least.

Doryal the younger life experience is so amazing.Ok! Already it is late. Doryal, after a moment of reflection, withdraws from the work table and go to the counter for this prepare a small snack. The night is almost black and he’ll therefore be sit by the fireplace in his rocking chair. He munched a good pear, reflecting on that day, a smile to the happy lips in his solitude tranquil and rich in spirit.Then it rises to went to his room, deserving of a good night’s sleep. He went to blow on the spark plugs after you close the shutters of the windows. A bed with sheets of flexible linen covered a large beautiful catalogue traditional, hot. It will sit on the edge, breathed on the bedside candle, the glow of the Moon secures it in its soft light at night canvas. Nestled snug under the silky-smooth sheets, breathe air with peace of mind. and some instant barely falls asleep. The lake at himself, soft wind dawn until the morning light this manifesto. Everything is grey and dark. Some sounds through the wet weather in the morning. The bird calls the creaking of trees, the insects sizzling anime silence living of its suspended moment of time. Gorges night. Tomorrow an other moment for Lisen new story.

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